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Dating a man with anger issues

Dating a man with anger issues

Life is too short and wonderful to spend it living in anger, or getting upset over really stupid things. This is an example of a very stupid thing to get upset over. But the good news is there are ways to handle it. The following 10 ways are how you can handle them, the next time they decide to unleash all their fury, letting their angry-freak-flag fly.

If your partner comes home angry from work, or is upset about something not directly related to you, then you should get active. You two can go for a walk outside or go to the gym ASAP. We all know exercising releases endorphins, and endorphins make you happy.

After a workout or some fresh air, you can feel pretty relaxed and calm. Try this the next time you know your partner is upset about something, but not at their breaking point. If your partner is so angry and upset that they start screaming at you for something that has absolutely nothing to do with you, simply walk out the door and go somewhere for minutes. More than likely, when you arrive back, they will apologize for behaving the way they did. Punch a bag.

Punching bags are actually pretty hard to hit, and not only will they get a workout, but they will also relieve a ton of stress. Laughing is the best medicine, really. The next time they start screaming or whatever they do when they freak out, go to a local comedy show, or turn on your favorite movie.

How can you not laugh at Wedding Crashers over and over again?! In this situation, you need to remain calm, and speak with a relaxing tone in your voice. Let them do all the talking, and watch the wave break. Eventually they will calm down, and the stress will leave their body. When this happens, then you two can go back to being the well-behaved couple that you are.

Have you ever played shadow? You know, the game where you copycat the other person? If you have, then you know how annoying the person being the shadow is. I mean, they are repeating everything you say, even when you are telling them to stop. So the next time your guy or gal decides to throw a hissy fit, play shadow. If they start screaming, you start screaming. If they start cussing, you cuss. If they start stomping around, you start stomping around. They will probably look at you with a WTF expression, say stop, but eventually they will be so annoyed by you, that they calm down and bring their temper back down to zero.

Shadow is your new best friend! If your partner is upset over something trivial, you need to give them a reality check.

If they are upset over having to stay an extra minutes at work or getting stuck in traffic, remind them how insignificant these things are, when compared to other, bigger issues. Next time they decide to go run around the house screaming like a chicken with their head cut off, start asking them questions that are sure to tug at the heart strings. Ask questions like, do you have a roof over your head?

Are you in good health? Do you have a bed to sleep in? Do you have a job? Do you have someone that loves you? Do you have food to eat every day? Do you have clean water to drink? Doing this will snap them back to reality. They will end up feeling pretty stupid.

The next time your guy or gal wants to act out, you too, should put on a performance. And this will eventually cause them to crack a smile. If all else fails, this is one way to really shut them up. This is probably the most embarrassing thing you could do to your partner. So the next time your partner is throwing a hissy fit, try these methods of dealing with them. Liked what you just read?

Dating a man with anger issues

Have you ever played shadow? If he's still mad after this, then repeat the departure, Dating a man with anger issues, this time staying away longer. Fights like this never actually produce a resolution. How can you not laugh at Wedding Crashers over and over again?! They would be ashamed of their unruly behavior. The problem is they don't own their own emotional responses. As soon as you hear evidence of even low-level anger, exit the topic by changing the subject. If they start cussing, you cuss. They would not listen to you if you talk to them softly. Exit the room.