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Dating a med student

Dating a med student

Caribbean Schools General: Most of these are meant for physician faculty members. These are questions that you could use at almost any interview, including your future residency interviews. What would you change about the program? I used this question in almost all of my residency interviews.

Not only is it great to figure out what kind of problems the program has, but it makes you look smart at the same time. Do you expect any changes to the program in the next few years?

You can use this question to figure out if there are any exciting changes coming for you in the next few years. You can also use it to coax out any possible negative changes coming down the pipeline. In what areas does the program need to improve? But this is another inquisition that will make you look like a smart, thoughtful applicant. Every program is going to have areas that need to be improved and your interviewer will realize that.

What do you think is the strongest aspect of this medical school? Why do you like this school? You can ask this question of every single person you meet and never get the same answer.

How long have you been a faculty member at this school? There are two reasons for this question. First, it gives your interviewer an opportunity to talk about themselves, which will make them like you even more. How has the program changed over the last 4 years? Understanding the recent history of a program will help you identify any trends.

If good things have been happening over the past few years, good things may continue happening. Is this medical school well known for any special programs? What medical school did you go to? How does it compare to this school? Once again, showing interest in someone paints you in a positive light. Research is a big deal to a lot of people in academics. So you would be wise to show some interest. What is the most exciting research going on at the school this year?

Academic people like research, weird huh? Another great way to feign interest in research. Let me be clear. To get into medical school, you should be doing research. Does the curriculum have electives for research? Gross… Is there any opportunity for students to conduct their own research? Gunner, gunner, gunner, gunner! This can be a great way to stand out for competitive residency spots. If you think you might want to be a neurosurgeon, ask this question.

Is this medical school well known for any research? I was interested to learn that Edward Doisy was involved in the discovery of Vitamin K back in the s. Hopefully… Resources: You are essentially joining an extremely expensive, and not very relaxing, country club. You might as well figure out what kind of benefits you get. You can also use some of these questions to demonstrate your interest in efficient learning. What kind of electronic journal access is available to students?

Evidence based medicine is the foundation of medical education in the United States. Is there any free access to electronic text books? This just in, text books are expensive. Does the school offer access to UpToDate? I love UpToDate. When I first started clinical rotations, I downloaded a bunch of medical apps to help give me an edge. But as I started to get more comfortable with clinical medicine, I started to delete those apps and use UpToDate more and more.

I still use it. Is there any monitoring of student wellness and morale? I believe that medical schools should take this problem very seriously and keep a close eye out for mental health problems among the student body.

What kind of health and wellness resources are provided to students? Once again, this is a serious issue. Asking about the resources available to medical students for health and wellness will help you gauge their level of commitment to their students. What kind of resources are available to help students deal with stress?

This is very similar to the last few questions. You get the idea. Are there any support groups for spouses or significant others? Do you relationship a favor and ask about support groups for your Honey Bear. Is there a student mentoring program? The students 1 year ahead of you will be a great source of info. I mean, they were you just 12 months ago. Are counselors made available to students? When things get hard, people tend to get sad. Sad is bad.

Counselors will help you get rid of the sad. Are financial advisers available to students? Doctors have a bad rap when it comes to dealing with money. Part of that is because we start off with a huge burden of debt. But never fear, most schools will have people to keep you on the straight and narrow. What kind of financial aid and scholarships are made available to students?

This just in, medical school is expensive. Figure out if the school you are interviewing at has any special programs to help you out.

Is disability insurance provided? This is something that nobody likes to think about. But more and more schools are requiring you to get disability insurance just in case something bad happens.

Is there a gym or recreation facilities? The body and mind are not separate. So instead, just trust me. What kind of faculty advising is available? Find out if the program will give you a faculty mentor. Do you broadcast lectures or record them so they can be reviewed in the future? What you really want to know is if they broadcast or record lectures so you can stay home in bed with your flannel PJ pants on.

During my second year at SLU, all of the lectures were broadcasted and recorded. I slept till noon and then went to a coffee shop on my street to watch the lectures at 1. What vaccinations are required before starting first year? This may seem like a question that can be answered by searching through the website. You may be correct, but so many people overlook their vaccinations and end up freaking out when they realize they may not be able to get them in time.

So, just stay on top of this one, OK? What is parking like at the med school and clinical rotations? My med school parking was pretty good, although a bit expensive. Is the campus safe? What kind of security measures are in place? General Curriculum and Student Involvement: Is there an Honor Code at this school?

Dating a med student

Do you want to eat Dating a med student same cheeseburger and french fries every day for 2 years straight? Anatomy was my first course in medical school and it was a harrowing experience. Is there a formal process for students to review their instructors? We are dumbfounded and don't know what to say, but we have to be there for them and allow them to cry," the teacher added. If most of the students are from other countries, Dating a med student, it might be time to ask why. Music was very important to her, and she has been a part of the choir since grade Dating a med student. Certain amenities, like laundry facilities and a gym, will make your day to day life much easier. The best of the bunch are going to attract the largest number of American Citizens. And remember, the grass is always greener on the other side.