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Dating a neighbor

Dating a neighbor

He was a nervous wreck. Rex would be here in less than an hour. Darla denied having sex with him these past few days. She wanted to stay horny for Rex.

He thought about having a drink. It might take the edge off. Darla had promised she would whack him off as soon as she finished shaving her pussy. Matt sat back down on the living room sofa.

He glanced outside. It was dark. Darla told him how they had planned everything out. It was going to be a casual evening. Rex would come over. Darla said it would be his time to get acquainted with Rex. They'd all talk and have a drink or two. Darla wanted Matt to feel comfortable around Rex.

She wanted him to ask any questions or concerns he had. She wanted Matt to enjoy it as much as he did reading stories and watching videos.

Matt heard Darla calling him. He entered the bedroom and there she was! Matt stopped in his tracks to take it all in. She looked so damn sexy! It was black and very transparent. It had a halter neckline that plunged in front. It looked like it was made out of spandex and polyester. It hugged her waist and tummy. It only covered a couple inches of her thighs but hugged her little round ass fairly tight as well. They had fluffy little feather stuff on them and open towed.

Matt stepped back leaning his head down looking toward her crotch. He was hoping to maybe get a blow job before Rex arrived. Darla picked up a pair of blue satin boxes from the chair and held them up. Hurry up and get naked and lay down on the bed for me. He quickly got onto the bed and waited for Darla. She sat down near the edge and took hold of his cock.

She lovingly started to stroke his cock and brought her other hand up to caress his balls. She just had her nails done at the salon. They were bright red and were Matt's favorite color. He noticed she had her toe nails painted the same color.

She was smiling as she stroked his cock and started to talk. He said I looked just like that little blonde in the television show, pushing daises. This will take the edge off for you a little. He knew it wouldn't take long for Darla to make him cum. She was squeezing his cock just right as she moved her hand up and down. Darla's cell phone started to ring. It might be Rex. She picked up and said hello. I'm as ready as I'll ever be! I'll see you in a couple minutes Rex will be here in five minutes.

Hurry up and put these on and wear your slippers or something. She leaned out with puckered lips and gave him a tiny little peck on the lips. She didn't want to smear her lipstick. His balls ached but it would just have to wait. Matt started to walk out into the kitchen when he heard a knock at the patio door.

His heart skipped a beat. Darla yelled out. Matt only met him briefly and forgot how tall and big this guy was. He stood near the door starring at Matt.

Mat checked him out. Rex was wearing a tight red satin thong. Matt saw the size of the bulge underneath. Darla smiled at him as she finished putting ice in the glasses. Come on in and make yourself at home. Matt felt Rex grip his hand. His hand felt small compared to Rex's. Rex stood at about six-six and must have weighed two-forty or more. He was a big man and practically stood naked. Rex had a shaved head and his chest resembled a well toned body builder. Matt was only five-three which made him over a foot shorter in height.

Darla handed her husband his drink. I got the largest size they had. He sat down on the recliner. He automatically figured Darla would set next to him on the sofa.

Rex sat down on the end of the sofa as Darla smiled at Matt padding the loveseat cushion. Matt got up and changed seats. Darla sat right next to him on the love seat as she sighed and looked over at Rex. A lot of my friends still life in the area so I decided to put down stacks right here.

Rex was looking at Darla's hand moving. Darla directed a comment at Matt. You know the one who is in that relationship with the white couple? We've been discussing this and we thought we'd kind of start slow and see how it works out. Isn't that right honey? Rex replied to her comment. I'll have to buy Matt a video camera so he can watch whenever he wants. I never thought how we were going to do any of this. I let Darla make plans for this evening.

You know how some of the husband's like to sit and whack their dicks next to the bed. Do you remember watching that video of Karen the other night and her husband licked her pussy after her lover shot his load into her? We thought that Rex and I could go back to his place and listen to a little music and get cozy for awhile. Just give us about forty-five minutes or so to get cozy before you come over. Just take a peek in the living room. You can watch from a distance.

Just in case you don't see us sitting on the couch than check the master bedroom. Just be quiet when you come in. I'm nervous enough tonight and so is Rex. You might just want to stay near the doorway until we get use to this. Matt sighed as he tried to think of something to say while Darla was mixing drinks. I still have to setup my equipment in my spare bedroom. She said she you were big!

Dating a neighbor

Because you live so close to him, dating becomes a special situation filled with benefits, as well as challenges. He stood near the door starring at Matt. Matt started Dating a neighbor walk out into the kitchen when he heard a knock at the patio door. It only covered a couple inches of her thighs but hugged her little round ass fairly tight as well, Dating a neighbor. Matt loved seeing her wear it around the house. Matt heard Darla walking on the deck and a second later she was sliding Dating a neighbor screen door open with two cans of beer in her hands. Of course, that could be the reason you had to move in the first place. Darla seemed fascinated with talking about his size and compared its girth to her wrist. Matt slipped on his socks and sneakers than took another look out on the patio but couldn't see his wife any longer. There is a lot of material for good jokes here, especially if you both find stalking quips amusing.