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Dating a philly boy

Dating a philly boy

Television has its Emmys while movies has its Oscars, Golden Globes, Sag-Aftra awards, and an endless stream of other big nights out. So these are awards for artists from South Jersey.

Not North Jersey. You got that? South Jersey. I used to DJ weddings and such back in the day and this soulful rocker never failed to pack the dance floor. Very few TV shows last five years. To break it down simplistically, there was just something about Michael that people liked and his appearance on Johnny Carson discussing his cancer was heartbreaking TV.

Dig this fun fact. Landon actually broke a United States record for the javelin throw while attending Collingswood High. So where did he find all that energy to father nine kids? Just think, she narrowly missed being able to tell all her Hollywood friends that she just missed out on meeting me. Well, this Pitman native did. I had never seen a woman rock that hard and true.

A Rock and Roll Hall of Famer. A seashell? Did I miss anyone? If I did, let me know by writing me at bigdaddy aol. Guys like car chases and explosions. I do like Coldplay by the way. I love listening to how people hook up. Geez, how much more of a cliche can we get than that? So Pat backs off because of that stupid code. But more time passes. And guess what? Well, Scott must have made an impression on Gabrielle because she broke up with that boyfriend an hour later on the car ride home. They hate the movie, but there is a funny moment during the flick and Scott lets out a huge laugh, which Gabrielle takes notice of.

See that guys? A sense of humor always works. Darren and Maria lived around the corner from each other in Olney and never meet. Then their parents move to Marlton four blocks from each other and nobody knows anybody.

Now that blows me away right there. It turns out that he knows her brother a little and he uses that little crack in the window to introduce himself. He offers to give them a ride and he gets out to open the car door for them.

That should have been a warning to me right there. By the way, they have no plans on moving back to Olney. They are now in that flirting stage, but no definitive move has been made yet. Greg drives her to a party. Nice move, Greg. Today, after a ten-year engagement, they are married with a bouncing baby boy finally! Wouldit be dynamite for Mullica Hill to have a hour a day swinging nightclub? Fat chance.

How about my wife telling me I can spend the weekend with Sofia Vergara? Actually, she might not mind just to get rid of me for a couple of days. No, my wish for is pretty much the same wish I have every year. I hate their guts and I have my entire life. My first memory of tolls was my old man complaining about them. Is that hilarious? I guess it was his way of sticking up for the workingman.

I can only guess what he would have thought of beach tags My Pop would sit in the kitchen all night drinking Ballentine beer and listen to KYW. He had once read that when the Benjamin Franklin Bridge first opened up in , the public was told that the five-cent toll was only going to be collected until the bridge was paid for. Where he heard this I have no idea, but if I heard him exclaim it once I heard him say it a million times.

I guess he just looked at tolls as another extension of the government reaching into your pocket and stealing money. I have to give my old man credit. He despised the government before it became fashionable. When the DRPA would occasionally announce they were raising a toll, he would go completely ballistic. When my boys and I began driving down the shore on our own, we not only had to pool our dough for gas money, we quickly mapped out how to get down there using back roads so we could avoid the Atlantic City Expressway and Garden State Parkway tolls.

And not just because of the cost, but because they were always backed up. Remember, there was no EZ-Pass then. Speaking of the EZ-Pass, anyone remember when they actually saved you money? Yet and I know this because of trivia nights that I host , you would be surprised how many folks still think they do save you money.

You go blind trying to read it. The EZ Pass is nothing but a public relations scam. The DRPA wants you to think they care about the commuter and they want to make life easier on you. If they really cared, they would occasionally shut them down. Connecticut used to do that. If a toll got backed up a certain length, they would allow people to actually drive through without paying.

Alas, they stopped this practice years ago. Do they have to make every conceivable dime? Say the Eagles are playing at 1pm. I remember going into WIP a few years ago in the middle of an insane blizzard. Radio and TV news and talk personalities do everything in their power to perform their duties in a snowstorm. But for this whopper of a storm, I left a full two hours before my shift was to begin and believe you me it took every minute of it to get there.

It was treacherous. But when I got to the entrance of the Ben Frank? There was the toll collector sticking his hand out for a five-dollar bill. They must have helicoptered him in.

They should have been handing me a medal for the insanity of even leaving the house. A day where no one stops to pay. A day where everyone just drives on through. So there it is. My wish. The same wish I had last year. The same wish I had ten years ago. Thirty years ago. A wish that will never come true. If I get enough of them, it might cause me to leave the house a little earlier.

Or later. How about Pearl Harbor? You think that might rank a tad above a stale bagel on the atrocity scale? Losing the remote. Breaking a shoelace. Not being able to find your keys right away.

A Dallas Cowboy fan. Whenever we come upon bumper to bumper traffic that makes your blood boil, someone in the car. It might ease your pain. Tuesday Oct. With no traffic it should take me about 40 minutes. Well, guess what?

Dating a philly boy

Now I have been up there for every Birds game for 13 years and I have this 55 minute drive down to a science. Well, guess what? Both Cooper and Melvin Cook, who are black, said Dating a philly boy fact that people have painted Sean as a racist is preposterous. Sean was an aggressive, entitled racist who, with his friends, attacked a young, low-paid deliveryman. Top notch club. Shedrick James was charged with murder Aug. Michael idolized hip hop artists like Kendrick Lamar, Meek Mill, Biggie Smalls, and Tupac Shakur who used music to make social statements on poverty, Dating a philly boy, oppression and racism. Instagram Michael, who was 13 when his father went to prison for raping Michael's sister, shared his pain with an affirmation on Instagram.