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Dating a slytherin

Dating a slytherin

Reddhg87 After the war Hermione struggles to cope with what happened to her, causing strife in her relationship with Ron. The only person who truly understands is Draco. He wants to start his life over, but he can not do it alone. The only person who can help him is the witch he was born to hate but will grow to love. Rated M for swearing and lemons Rated: Complete - id: Also, because as the title suggests, Draco and Hermione eventually get together. See more notes at the end.

I do not own HP nor do I make any profit from this story. All characters, places, canon references belong to JKR. Unless otherwise noted. Cover photo is not mine, I take no credit. But I do want to say that the whole story is essentially based off this pic.

The plot bunny that hopped into existence when I saw it was too good to pass up. Props to the creator because I love it! Full summary: Following the war the need for stability runs deep among those who survived. The return to Hogwarts for 7th year has not brought about the changes that were hoped for. Ron longs for a normal relationship with Hermione. He fails, however, to see her inability to cope with everything that happened.

The only person that can relate to her is her fellow Head, Draco Malfoy. However, Draco is suffering through his own identity crisis. The life of a Death Eater was not what he expected. He wants to pick up the pieces of his life, yet he realizes that he cannot do it alone.

And the only person willing to help him, the only person that can, is the muggle-born witch he was raised to hate. But will grow to love. Harry and Ginny went first, slipping through the wall between Platforms 9 and 10, then she and Ron followed.

A wave of emotions washed over her when she looked up at the scarlet steam engine now in front of her. Nostalgia, excitement, sadness, anticipation. She, Harry, Ron, and Ginny were returning to Hogwarts to complete their seventh and final year of education. She fully intended on taking her N.

Hermione followed her three companions on to the train and walked with them towards the back where there were bound to be empty compartments still. Ron gave her a confused look when she didn't immediately stow her trunk on the luggage rack and sit down.

She has to go up front. You know this. Hermione gave him a disbelieving look, but turned in the compartment doorway to leave. She had barely pulled her trunk through into the narrow hall when she felt Ron's hand close around her wrist. She turned back to him to see an apologetic look in his eyes as he stood up. He followed her out into the hall and shut the compartment door. I didn't mean that. I know you have responsibilities up front. But…maybe later you can come back here and spend some time with us?

Hermione felt her heart soften a little and offered Ron a smile. He returned it, then leaned in and kissed her firmly but sweetly, wrapping one arm around her waist to squeeze her. Hermione did not know how she felt about the amount of pressure he was applying or that his hand slipped to her backside. She pulled away, breaking the kiss and shoved his hand away. I'm just touching you.

Ron watched her go and waved her off with an amused smile. She would come around eventually. When he reentered the cabin, both Harry and Ginny were giving him disapproving looks. I know if Harry if ever did that to me in front of someone else, I would hex his bollocks off.

I need them, you know. Don't doubt me. I don't mind a little groping behind closed doors, but not in view of other people. It's demeaning. I'll bear that in mind. I'll be back later. As soon as the compartment door was shut, he put it down. But doing it in front of me and Ginny, yes. There's a difference between displaying affection and being crude.

What you did to Hermione was crude. And offensive. You're her first real boyfriend. The only experience you had before Hermione was with Lavender Brown, and even you said that was purely chemical. A lot happened between you two very quickly, and you can't approach your relationship with Hermione the same way.

She's not that kind of girl. She doesn't want to spend hours snogging your lips off. Because it seems like every time I ask her to do something with me she's not ready, or doesn't want to at that moment. She had an excuse for everything this summer. He wished he could make Ron understand that just because the war was over, and Voldemort was gone, did not mean the world was going to go back to the way it was overnight.

They could not act as though their lives were perfectly normal again. It wasn't that simple. They had all been affected by everything that happened. It was not something you could just forget about and go on with your life as though nothing had ever occurred. Hermione had been tortured and cursed. As far as Harry could tell she had recovered physically. The cut on her arm had healed, but the scar would never fade.

She had worn nothing but long sleeves since that night at Malfoy Manor. Mentally, however, he could not know if she would ever be the same again. There was a light missing from her eyes these days. She didn't talk as much, nor did she like being in groups of people, preferring to spend most of her time alone.

We all went through a lot. Hermione more so. She took it upon herself to keep us alive while we were on the run. I don't know about you, but I didn't tell her how grateful I was as much as I should have. Not that she was looking for thanks, but it may have made a difference somehow. Harry didn't know if he was agreeing with the fact that he had acted like a Neanderthal to Hermione, or that he could have done more in the past year to show his gratitude for her.

Ron returned to his magazine, assuming the conversation was now over. He didn't know if he agreed with Harry, but he would at least put some thought into what his friend said. There were things he wanted with Hermione. To do with her. He had tried at least half a dozen times to broach the subject with her, and she shut him down every time. It seemed like she wasn't interested. Or she wasn't interested in him.

Maybe he did need to rethink his approach. Harry was right. Hermione wasn't the same as other girls. He couldn't treat her the same as he had Lavender. But if he could just get Hermione to see how good it was, how good it would make her feel, perhaps she would come around.

Dating a slytherin

I need them, you know. Draco walked off to the Slytherin table as they entered without another word. It wasn't that simple. If Hermione needed to talk to him, Dating a slytherin knew where to find him. Her eyes were still on the Sorting, but in her peripheral vision, she could see Ron staring down at his plate. I believe everything will be fine between us. Full summary: Hermione turned to her own table and quickly gave the fifth, sixth, and seventh-year Prefects the password into Gryffindor tower. And you know all this how, anyway? When they arrived at Hogwarts, Dating a slytherin, Draco and Hermione told the Prefects to lead the second-year students to the carriages while they helped corral all the first years from the back of the train towards the front where Hagrid was waiting.