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Dating a team magma grunt chapter 11

Dating a team magma grunt chapter 11

Vimesenthusiast A Harry Potter who has tried to take control of his destiny from second year on finds himself in need of a fresh start due to his marital status changing abruptly. Armed with some abilities beyond the norm, a Mastery of Defense and a muggle-style teacher's license, Harry takes his daughter Lily Luna and takes a job offer at Kuoh Academy. I am sorry these chapters are coming out so late at night, I could not work on them at all until around ten tonight - had to watch the grandmother and am doing something for an upcoming family thing - preparing a video montage, which took a long time.

I was also sick since last Thursday until Tuesday, which severely limited my writing ability, hence why there is no SW crossover chapter this month. The poll results this month were: Thanks in part to my own votes and those of some of my beta readers going toward it, Semblance of Hope won first place with votes total, despite a measly here on fanfic. It gets no love, but at least I have some idea of why at this point: FILFy teacher won second place once more, bringing in a total of votes with votes coming in from fanfic.

In other news, I would like to ask for help to find a fic I read waaay back in late March. Naruto was turned into a devil at the same time as Issei, but took it relatively well, and had come from his world, not born into the DxD.

Later as they meet the Occult Research Club, he asks what a web browser history is, since Issei had implied he might have been attacked for it with his last dying breath. They obviously all make fun of it as Issei comments about what kind of porn he had seen. Since it didn't seem to be an OP Naruto it looked interesting, but I can't find it now for some reason. This is a huge chapter, not quite the largest I've created, but certainly up there. There is a reason for this.

This story will not be up to be updated in November so that I can concentrate on ATP - I am shooting for a Thanksgiving Day update - and I wanted to get all of the little 'daily life' stuff finished in this chapter, so that from now on I can push forward with the man plot s of DxD. In a way, you could call this the final chapter of the first arc of this story.

That isn't to day important stuff doesn't happen though… Key: Italics - thoughts and discussions on the Ddraig's mental plane. Bold - emphasis, and dragon-speak. Underline - direct quotes from a song, and the written word Warning there is a lemon in this chapter. Please join me in thanking him for making thie chapter better than it would have been without them. Chapter 9: Enemies, Issues, Experiments, and a Very Merry Christmas Break Harry woke up the morning after his double date with Akeno and Rias somewhat groggily, though he was able to get up at his normal time despite that.

Climbing down the base of the ladder leading up into the attic he paused as his nose detected the smell of someone already cooking. Heading down to the kitchen, Harry found Kala already there, her scent having been covered by the smell of the sausage she was currently preparing. She turned as he entered the kitchen, smiling slightly. Yet Kala didn't show any of those emotions; she hadn't ever, as far as Harry could tell. At times there had been a sort of look of resigned acceptance on her face, but, for the most part, Kala seemed to have accepted the fact that he had basically friend-zoned her and instead devoted herself to other things.

Primarily, she helped Asia with her education, cooked for them all, and, for some odd reason, continued her pastime of editing 'romance' novels. Kala spent time with the other kids, but not as much as with Asia. Harry felt that Kala wanted to make up for what could've happened to the girl if Kala had stayed with Raynare by helping her as much as possible.

Despite not taking the plunge and becoming a devil, it was safe to say that Kala was fitting in somewhat better than Mittelt, given the short Fallen's tongue, although Mittelt was making inroads into becoming just as much of an otaku as Rias was.

He then went on, gesturing for her to move over so he could use part of the kitchen counter. Eventually they agreed to take turns, and, surprisingly, team KA, or Kunou and Asia, won hands down. You should've seen Koneko's face when she and Lily lost; it was hilarious. Asia, of course, played a healer, and Kunou was a berserker. No one else had figured out that combination, and you can imagine it was quite devastating.

According to Lily it was cheating, and decided to retaliate by starting a pillow fight. That little kitsune is viscous with a pillow in her hand," Kala ended with a laugh.

Harry chuckled. Still, since he actually heard what Rias had said was Gasper's voice occasionally over Koneko's phone as they were playing, he was willing to give them time to play.

After they finished their school work of course. Harry laughed, and the two fell into a comfortable silence. As they moved around one another, Harry occasionally caught himself watching Kala's face, watching her in her concentration as she worked on expanding the breakfast's menu or tasted this dish or that. Since she had joined them, Kala had become caustic; sassy; intelligent; somewhat caring, given her relationship with Asia; an excellent cook; and a good conversationalist.

All of that in a body that was quite literally rebuilt for sin after Kala fell. Even the long skirt and blouse combination she was wearing currently could not do much to hide that fact, and her face, framed by her long blue hair and highlighted by those yellow eyes, was beguiling. There is some still some attraction there, Harry admitted to himself, but there are so many problems with going that route, it's not even funny. First of all, there was the problem that he was already in a relationship, and, whatever Rias and Akeno often said about harems being normal in their society, he couldn't see getting into a relationship with someone else when you were already in one being at all healthy for anyone concerned.

On top of that, there were the issues that Harry and Akeno were already having, which both of them had basically tiptoed around yesterday.

Then there was Akeno. Even if Akeno was over most of her issues with the Fallen, she still clashed occasionally with Mittelt, and sometimes Kala got roped into it too. Though at least the two of them seem to respect one another as true masters of their chosen art: Setting his own beliefs and Akeno and Rias's issues to one side, there was also Kala. Harry knew that Kala still held hopes of joining their relationship sometime in the future.

However, he wasn't certain if that would be healthy for her, given Kala's past. Kala had told him that she had fallen because the man that she thought had loved her had instead simply lusted for her, which he had proven by going behind her back to bed another woman. Because of that, Harry did not think that she would be able to handle being one girl of many in a relationship. No, best to remain as friends.

They were about halfway through finishing up breakfast when Harry heard the sounds of running feet and, with a nod towards Kala, moved away from the kitchen out into the hall. Harry smelled Kunou rushing down the second story hallway, and laughed as she ran along on all fours followed by leaping down the stairs and growling. Feed me meat and only meat!

No vegetables ever! You don't look all that mighty to me. Are you certain you just want meat? You'll never grow big without vegetables. Or sweets, either. But I suppose we'll have to take back all those little pancakes and Danishes, then; give them to someone else. Little girls need their sugar too! The great hunter pounces on her prey! By the time the two kids had calmed down enough to be sat down at the kitchen table, Asia and Koneko had joined them, with Koneko somehow simply appearing at the dinner table, looking with wide eyes at the amount of food.

Harry shook his head when she looked at him and said simply, "We're expecting guests. Yasaka liked to be kept apprised of everything going on in school and in her daughter's life, of course, and bitterly resented the fact that she couldn't, come to visi at least t, although she and Rias had talked at length about the idea of setting up a teleportation tunnel, so to speak, between Kyoto and Kuoh. That would, in turn, be one of the bases for the mutual defense alliance between Rias and Sona's houses and Yasaka's people.

Kunou nodded and pulled out her cell phone, handing it to Harry with one hand as she continued to chomp down on food with her other. Chuckling, Harry set the cell phone to one side and took both of her hands in his. And remember what I told you about manners?

Moments later Rias and the others arrived, and Harry shook his head slightly, staring at both peerages as they filed into his house, Sona's bowing to him formally before heading excitedly into the kitchen, which had already been enlarged by Asia's activating some of the enlargement talismans set around the table.

Kala was simply a better, more experienced cook than any of them, with a far wider repertoire. By this point she had Koneko and most of the other youngsters among both peerages eating out of the palm of her hand thanks to the sheer number of sweets they knew she could make. In contrast, Harry had not won himself any points with any of the girls when he put his foot down on the amount of those sweets she would make every week.

As the rest of the two peerages and the younger kids intermingled, Harry, Rias, Sona, Akeno, and Tsubaki removed themselves to the basement for some peace and quiet while they talked. Once they were all together, Harry and his two lovers explained what had occurred the day before, while Rias spread out the map of Japan they had once more updated with the information they had gotten from Onmyodo government. Carefully, while Tsubaki and Sona watched with interest, Rias placed a thin veneer of color over the map magically, showing the territories of the Three Factions within Japan according to Rias's brother.

The Church was easily the least represented power, having only four tiny enclaves. The Fallen, according to Sirzechs, should have had only four too, if far larger holdings. Yet, according to the Onmyodo and the Youkai Association, they had five, a discrepancy all of them noticed instantly. The Devils had twelve holdings, all of which were larger than the Fallen's holdings, each one marked by a more detailed symbol to denote the clan holding that territory.

Yet, even so, at least two sightings of magic had occurred within their territory. Two minor clans and one major clan," Sona said, smirking over at Rias as she pointed at the image over one of those, that of a giant claw done in orange in the center of an orange circle. Sairaorg will get a kick out of dealing with any such issue, believe me. But that still leaves three we might want to follow up on. The Netari Clan and my own have some fiscal ties. But that was at the least a full twenty-four hour job for all five of them: Harry, the two Kings, and the two Queens.

And it would be incredibly debilitating for all of them, considering it amounted to basically pumping the array full of magic for that entire time. The others looked at him in surprise save for Rias, who simply nodded, looking upstairs at a particularly loud giggle from someone near the doorway to the basement. Perfectly understandable.

Dating a team magma grunt chapter 11

I just remember the movie sucked and my cock kept yo-yoing down my pant leg and back up into my boxers as I impatiently waited for the damn credits to roll. Not a crazy request, but remember, I said I was done with my parents by that time, Dating a team magma grunt chapter 11. With three of their fellows incapacitated or dead, the two remaining split up, circling Loup even as they continued to advance. They were so disturbing she was willing to pass it on without any strings attached. A quick counter-blow sliced that man's head from his shoulders, and then the other three devils were there. Her lips make a kissing pucker and her face leaned forward until that hot soft kiss landed tight against my dripping sperm hole. Once they were all together, Harry and his two lovers explained what had occurred the day before, while Rias spread out the map of Japan they had once more updated with the information they had gotten from Onmyodo government. When my cock was twitchy Dating a team magma grunt chapter 11 was nearly always I did whatever I had a mind to do and she never balked at a single direction I gave her. Wags found an extra key so I could come and go as I pleased while they were gone. It was minor mysteries like these that made working at a hotel bearable.