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Dating a white man for the first time

Dating a white man for the first time

And even though it turned out that she was not the love of my life, she will always have a place in my heart. The time with her proved to me that feminine, joyful and supportive women still exist. She awakened the Global Seducer inside of me and inspired me to embark on my international dating journey.

I am forever thankful for that. Why is it that so many white men who are attracted to Asian women want to know how to date Filipinas? However, there must be a reason why you think that dating Filipino women is the right choice.

And you are right. It can be the right choice, at least when you appreciate the following five facts about Pinays. The Beauty of the Women in the Philippines Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder. But I know that you, just like me, think that the women in this country are gorgeous. Their brown skin, their curvy bodies at least in comparison to women from other Asian countries and their voluptuous lips…they look like mini Latinas.

Sooner or later you will visit this country and sooner or later you will fall in love. The Psychology of the Filipino Woman You get the best of both worlds. The good news is that many Filipinas are highly educated. But it gets even better. The literacy rate among females is higher than among men. When it comes to numerical skills, the women are also better than the Pinoy men.

The same is true for the ability to communicate and comprehend. The difference becomes even more evident when you look at academic degrees and licensed professionals. Do you know what this means? She can't find a guy who could read what she's reading right now Filipina women go to university to learn. No, they actually go to college to learn something and to become educated members of society. Can you believe that? These women are beautiful, educated and they are not yet destroyed by the feminist agenda.

They actually respect men, value family above everything and dream about marriage. It can be hard to find a girl who speaks proper English when you are in Thailand, Indonesia, or China. And no, the college girls are not the only ones who speak English. No matter if you talk to a shop assistant, a nurse, or a high society girl. She will understand you. The Friendliness of Filipino Women Filipina women are friendly.

They are life-affirming, playful and kind. But they are so much more than just friendly. They also treat you with respect. No drama, no bad feelings. Believe me, she will be the sweetest woman on earth.

But maybe you are. Most of them actually are religious Catholics. For her it's more than just a symbol. It depends on where you hang out. If you, however, hang out on college campuses or at the Cebu IT Park, your chances to meet an educated woman with an IQ above is quite high. Of course, every woman is unique and every Pinay girl you meet has her own beliefs, values and interests. However, from first-hand experience and from testing the biggest Filipina dating sites, I can say that there are five general types of women in this country.

But to say that every Filipina is dirt poor would be an ignorant lie. On the one side of this world are the poor people in the slums of the Smokey Mountains. She has no chance to join one of the Filipina online dating sites. No money, no smartphone, no electricity.

And guess what, these lawyers, doctors and landlords have really hot daughters. You remember Joy? Not every Wester man can enjoy dating such a girl, but if you follow the advice in this article, you can. This girl was born and raised in the slums of Manila and the only reason why she has the latest smartphone is because her sponsor gave it to her.

Some people call them bar girls, others call them prostitutes. She knows that marrying a foreigner is her only chance to get out of this because, as sad as it is, no Filipino would marry her. Be realistic. Before you marry a Filipina bar girl who has all kinds of psychological issues from years of abuse, you should think about the consequences for your own life.

You can do it, but I would rather date a girl who belongs to any of the other four types. Fun B: Something to brag about They are not always college girls, but in most cases they are.

These girls start to date you because they want the experience. But if you make sure that the experience is great, they want more. Her parents come from a small village outside of Manila, Cebu or Davao. Everything is new to her. She just got a job in the city as a nurse, hotel receptionist or a shop assistant. All I can say for sure is that she never dated a white man.

One tip: She's so nervous that she can't even look you into the eyes The Dating Newby is the type of girl you should be looking for if you dream about marrying a Filipina woman. She has little to none dating experience and a very romantic image of love. She will be so happy that she met a guy like you that she wants to marry you straight away.

But please be careful. If all you want is two weeks of fun, you should not date this type of girl. She will fall in love with you fast and a bad experience can easily ruin her perception of love, sex and men.

For reasons that I share with you within the next paragraphs, this girl decided to date foreigners…and only foreigners. The positive side is obvious. Her obsession for foreigners makes it easy for you to attract, seduce and date her. In fact, she was already seduced when she looked into your eyes for the first time. Your ego can make you blind to the fact that she only sees the white skin, not the human being. And you are probably not her first white guy. This makes it very hard to find out if she really likes you or just the color of your skin.

Dating a normal college girl, a high society girl or a shy Filipino girl might be the better option. Hell, both girls and guys prefer Caucasian partners… The question is: Why are so many young and beautiful Filipinas into white guys like you and me? To be honest, there are all kinds of different reasons why these women prefer white guys.

Some of them make total sense. Others, however, are not so funny, especially when you date the wrong girl. When it comes to obsession with white skin, Thailand is a 6 out of 10 and the Philippines is a 9 out of I will never forget the day when I went to this shopping mall with a guy I met at a meetup.

He was dark-skinned and the shop assistants ignored him while they offered me all kinds of things. It was embarrassing. If her obsession is too strong, she might convince you to not use a condom the first night. Some of them would do everything for a halfie baby. Be careful. They come from nothing and they finally want to have something. Of course these Filipino women are seeking American or Western men in general because it's the easy way out.

Marrying a foreigner who pays for everything is the easiest way out. You find those women in bars and you even find some of them on online dating sites. They are the ones who ask for money for their sick grandmother.

They are the ones who ask for taxi money before they even meet you. They are the ones who chat with two other sponsors while they are with you. Some Filipina Girls Believe the Rumors about Foreigners Yes, your white skin is an advantage, but the number one reason why millions of Filipinas dream about dating a foreigner has nothing to do with your skin color or your wallet.

Dating a white man for the first time

Who has a higher chance to meet the love of his life in the Philippines? She will be so happy that she met a guy like you that she wants to marry you straight away. But in China, we study together. All I can say for sure is that she never dated a white man. The Beauty of the Women in the Philippines Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder. But what are the top dating sites in the Philippines? Some nuclides are inherently unstable. The equation is most conveniently expressed in terms of the measured quantity N t rather than the constant initial value No, Dating a white man for the first time.