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Another notice appeared in the Schoharie Republican dated May 5, as follows: A meeting of the inhabitants of the Village of Schoharie is requested to be held at the Chester Lasell Inn, in said village, on Friday the seventh of May, inst.

A general attendance is requested. This was probably a continuation of the previous volunteer group that came to the aid of their neighbor, no matter what the need may be. Subsequent meetings were held not alone at the Lasell Inn but at other hotels and homes for this discussion.

In the January 3, issue of The Schoharie Republican was found the following notice: Notice is hereby given, that an application will be made to The Legislature of this State, for an act to incorporate a fire company in the Village of Schoharie. Dated December 27, In the few issues available of The Schoharie Republican, no notice could be found that the Act of Incorporation was granted.

However, original documents are available testifying to the fact that the Act of Incorporation for the formation of a fire company was issued on April 23, Thus began the official organized fire companies of the Village of Schoharie. In a resolution was passed by the Township of Schoharie authorizing certain persons to be firemen and undoubtedly to replace others who had either moved from the locality or resigned for one reason or another.

This states as follows: Daveis, Lewis A. Butler, Orrin Kibbe, William H. Gates, J. Gebhard Jr. Inhabitants of said town, firemen and be a fire company to fire engine No. Engine No.

Along with Engine No. Williams, John P. Bernham, Ralph Brewster, William H. Sternberg, Abraham F. Nelson, Charles L. Bonny, Nicholas Bouck, Henry B. Ruggles, Lorenzo Hubbard, David O. Penfield, A. This document was dated August 28, It has only been within the last fifty years that the leader of a fire company, especially in the volunteer groups, has been called the Fire Chief. In those earlier days they were referred to as foremen.

Thus far in the research conducted through newspapers, official documents and the like, the names of foremen of these two companies have not been mentioned. Prior to that The Schoharie Patriot ran a notice on April 2, as follows: The citizens of the village of Schoharie are requested to meet at the home of Jacob H. This bears out the fact that there were two fire engines as they are referred to not only in previous notices, but also in this notice as well, as will be noted further in this history.

But in the days of which this history is written, fire hose was made of leather. The edges were held together with copper rivets and then the sections thus made were fastened together, again with the copper rivets.

The nozzles were cone shaped tubing and the early couplings were bands of wire twisted around the leather hose holding it to the nozzle. As a result, the organizers in formed two companies namely, Fire Company No. Thus, the reference to the two fire engines. In each company had only 14 members. A meeting was called on July 31, to fill the vacancies in each to full strength. It is noted also that A. Sweet was the Clerk of Company No.

The New York State Legislature had recently passed an Act which gave firemen benefits which still hold in part today. It stated that any Fireman who had regularly served for four years previous to May 1, will, by continuing to serve as such until May 1, , be entitled to an honorable discharge from their company, and be forever exempt from Military and Jury duty, except a liability to the first in cases of insurrection and invasion. Through the years, the lack of money with which to improve the fire fighting facilities was quite evident.

Several notices were published in The Schoharie Republican and The Schoharie Patriot, asking the citizens to attend meetings to raise funds and assist in preventing fires from occurring. In an editorial, it was inferred at least that the engine was kept in the open and pressure was being made to find some location where they would be sheltered. It was also noted that the hooks and ladders were not in proper condition. The editor calls the haphazard installation of stoves pipes inexcusable.

Schoharie Village had no great amounts of water available. The engines had to pump from wells and there was a small stream east of the Main Street that did provide some sources. Leather hose, made by members of Company, fastened together with copper rivets.

That community had not had an organized fire department as of that time. The fire started in a building known as The Arcade and was situated approximately where Railroad Avenue and Main Street join in that Village. Without a fire company the flames spread westward toward the Lutheran Church. Some of the business places were blown up in an effort to stop the blaze, but this was fruitless. A call for help was sent to Schoharie and they arrived just as the Lutheran Church standing where the present one is located became involved in flames.

Next in line was the Squire Daniel D. Dodge residence, the house that is locate just west of the Lutheran Church. The Company had been sent for at the commencement of the fire, and, deserves, as they have doubtless received, the gratitude of our citizens for their active and generous exertions in our hour of need.

The Hub Factory was used as an engine house for the two engines. A steam whistle was handy for the fire alarm. The story of the fire in The Schoharie Republican mentions nothing of the loss of the engines. However, in a January 10th, issue following a fire that originated in the John Gebhard Jr. The two small fire engines we have had, have, on many occasions, done us good service, were destroyed at the fire and destruction of the hub factory.

Meetings were held periodically to discuss the means of fire extinguishment. A meeting was called for Friday January 11th to discuss the purchase of a good fire engine. Another meeting was called for July 19th of the same year. The year brought about many events in the history of the Schoharie fire department.

Said to be one of the largest hand pumper built requiring 30 men to operate and used until In June of the committee had made arrangements to purchase a hand pumper belonging to the Niagara Engine Co.

The sale was to take place on the second Tuesday of July. The trustees of the Village also authorized the construction of the 18,gallon reservoir on the Court House lawn. A spigot from the Kromer water system was installed to fill it, as well as was the drains from the County House roof directed into it. Three of the members were appointed to go to Albany to make the purchase.

The hand pumper, purchased from the Niagara Engine Co. This engine was purchase by the Albany Volunteers in and was in excellent condition. When it arrived it was painted white with gold trim and on one side could be seen a portrait, probably that of Mr.

Coleman who was the foreman of the Niagara Co. The year saw the City convert from a volunteer organization to an all paid department. The engine was built by C. Hartshorn of New York City and was claimed to have been one of the largest hand operated fire pumpers ever built.

July of brought the new engine to its supreme test as the West side of Main Street was destroyed by fire. Steel shutters covered the rear windows and doors. Photo of firemen taken around showing the Niagara 6 pumper and old hose cart.

All went well for a coupe of years until the building in which the fire engine was kept started to leak, and it was impossible to keep the engine from freezing. Several attempts on the part of the firemen were made to secure a more appropriate building, one that could be kept warm and a place for the firemen to hold their meetings.

In fall of the firemen threatened to disband the company unless the Village trustees would give them better quarters. The editor of the local newspaper sympathetic to the firemen published a story that the firemen had really disbanded.

This proposition was turned down by the voters, with about two-thirds of the votes cast against the proposition. The fire also damaged the fronts on the newly constructed buildings on the west side of Main Street. Mutual aid was called and Middleburgh returned the favor by bringing their fire engine to the County Seat to help fight a fire that threatened to again destroy the main business section.

The bell was installed in and was cast and purchased from the Clinton H. Meneely Bell Foundry of Troy. Its service was discontinued in when the fire alarm system was updated with an electric siren. The year saw the purchase of the first motorized fire pumper for the Village. The Niagara Engine was used from until around when the present cast iron pipe water system was installed with many hydrants throughout the Village bringing water by gravity feed with over 80 pounds pressure from a cave on Barton Hill.

A quarter million gallon reservoir has been installed on the Rickard Hill Road above the Village for storage.

Dating alarm gratis stream

It was also noted that the hooks and ladders were not in proper condition. In an editorial, it was inferred at least that the engine was kept in the open and pressure was being made to find some location where they would be sheltered. Now the fire station was filled more than ever and very serious thought was given to the construction of a new station. A membership lounge was added to the back west side of the station and is now home to many pictures, trophies and other memorabilia of Dating alarm gratis stream fire department. Transfer of the equipment was made on Sunday December 28th with former Chief John Fain cutting the ribbon. A general attendance is requested. This space also houses exercise and audio-visual equipment used for both entertainment and training. Daveis, Lewis A, Dating alarm gratis stream. It was remodeled, its fittings chrome plated and painted fire engine red. Benjamin J.