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Dating and marriage customs in the dominican republic

Dating and marriage customs in the dominican republic

Consular Office in the Dominican Republic. General Requirements for Foreigners to Marry in the Dominican Republic In order to get married in the Dominican Republic, a man and a woman must be of a certain minimum age 16 for men, 15 for women , be legally eligible to marry, and be entering into the marriage contract of their own free will. Failure to comply with any of these basic criteria could mean that Dominican authorities will decline to register the marriage as legal.

Additionally, foreigners who wish to get married in the Dominican Republic must comply with the following requirements and present the following documentation: If the Sworn declaration is done before a U. In the past, the U. Embassy allowed U. Copy of foreign birth certificate and a legal translation of the certificate; central authorities in both the United States and the Dominican Republic now authenticate their own public documents, such as birth, death or marriage certificates, with a certificate of apostille name of the authentication stamp.

You can get your document apostille at the office of Vital Records in your state, or visit www. If divorced, copy of the divorce certificate and legal translation of the certificate; 2 witnesses not family. Additionally, Dominican law requires that notice of the intended marriage must be published prior to the ceremony. The person officiating at the wedding ceremony is a government official, usually a Notary Public. Following the ceremony, the church takes responsibility for registering the marriage with the appropriate Dominican government offices.

Marriages in religious denominations other than Roman Catholicism are fully legal and permitted. Civil Marriages Marriage in the Dominican Republic is a civil contract between a man and a woman who have freely agreed to marry and have the capacity to do so. In order to get married in the Dominican Republic, a man and woman must meet the following conditions: The parties must express their free will to marry; Men between 16 and 18 years old, or women between 15 and 18 years old may only get married with the consent of their parents.

No person may be married before a prior marriage is dissolved. A divorced woman cannot get married until 10 months after her divorce has become final, unless her intended husband is the same person she has divorced.

The government official performing the civil ceremony has the authority, at the time of the ceremony, to waive any of the above requirements. Such a waiver must be made in writing and outline the basis of the waiver. The official performing the ceremony does so in the presence of the parties and witnesses. During the ceremony, the official asks the parties and witnesses whether either of the parties has been married previously, to each other or to other people. The party who has been married previously must supply the date of that marriage and the name of the person who officiated.

The Marriage Certificate includes the complete names of the spouses, the evidence of their written consent, a declaration they have been united in matrimony and the date of the celebration and the signatures of the Officer, the spouses and the witnesses. After the celebration the marriage is registered in the appropriate civil registries.

Civil marriage is dissolved by the death of one of the spouses or by divorce. Canonical Marriages A Canonical marriage performed by a Roman Catholic priest has the same legal effect as a civil marriage. As was stated in the introductory section above, however, there is a procedural difference, insofar as the priest in a Canonical marriage is responsible for transmitting the registration documents to the appropriate Dominican government office s.

Even if a civil ceremony has taken place prior to the Canonical ceremony, the officiating priest must still send a copy of the marriage certificate to the government registry. Matrimonial Property Laws Dominican law presumes that the parties in a marriage enjoy Community Property rights. However, if the parties choose to enter into a different type of agreement, this is permitted. Dominican law outlines a number of systems from which the parties may choose.

The spouses may also amend any one of these systems or create one of their own, provided that the final agreement is in keeping with Dominican legal principles. When the parties opt for a system other than Community Property such as Separate Property, outlined beginning on page 4 below , they must put this in writing and have it approved by a Dominican government official.

Community Property Systems 1. Legal Community: This is the most common community property system in effect in the Dominican Republic. The following three features are present and essential: The existence of three types of properties — common property, property owned by the wife, and property owned by the husband. Under legal community systems, all movable property and its earnings, as well as real estate property acquired during the marriage, are common property.

Reserved property, on the other hand, is property that resulted from the personal work of the woman or from savings that arose from such work. Reduced to the Earnings: Under this system, the composition of the common property varies, based on the respective debts both present and future of the spouses.

Additionally, the value of their respective movable property both present and future is excluded from the common property. Universal Community: All properties, present and future, are common property. The spouses equally agree under this system that only their present or future property will be common property.

It is possible for the spouses to reject any of the community property systems described above and instead choose their own system. However, it is important to note that doing this will not automatically grant the wife rights to administer her property or to receive its earnings.

Property the wife brought into the marriage is considered as awarded to the husband for the purpose of meeting the expenses of the marriage. The spouses may, however, include in their property agreement a clause authorizing the wife to receive a part of her annual earnings for her personal living expenses and needs.

Nonetheless, the wife does not have the right to dispose of her properties without the consentof the husband or a judicial authorization. This system requires the spouses to contribute to the maintenance of their home. Furthermore, movable goods individually owned by each of the spouses are intertwined in reality and must be liquidated in the event the marriage is dissolved. The husband, for his part, is responsible for his debts arising before or during the marriage and for the debts contracted by the wife when acting as representative of the marriage.

One variation of the separation of property system is the dowry system.

Dating and marriage customs in the dominican republic

Given that the father often does not live in the household, parental authority and responsibility fall to the mother. The party who has been married previously must supply the date of that marriage and the name of the person who officiated. And now add on top of that class differences and you might have an uphill battle on you. Embassy allowed U. However, there is still a large segment of the population which lives in urban slums and poor rural areas without electricity or running water. They are also believed to have the power to banish evil spirits. Because of the dating apps, because of all the people that are, apparently, free and single. A Cultural Guide, A few years later the city of Santo Domingo became the Spanish capital of the New World, and because of its location in the trade winds, it was the gateway to the Caribbean, Dating and marriage customs in the dominican republic.