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News By My Side - March Accordion People who are blind and partially sighted are being shut out of society, but members of the public could help end this isolation if they understood more about everyday life with sight loss.

Our Guide Dogs report also reveals: Further complications as an adult have left him with only light perception in his remaining eye. To create greater understanding, we are calling on people to sign up to My Guide - a guiding service that matches trained sighted volunteers to people with sight loss who need support getting out and about.

A My Guide partnership focuses on achieving a set goal — this could be around building confidence, increasing physical fitness, working towards a guide dog partnership, or tackling social isolation by accessing local communities, hobbies or pastimes. Guide Dogs currently helps more than 1, people with sight loss through its My Guide service. This year, the charity is hoping to recruit a further 1, volunteers to support even more vision impaired people through the life-changing scheme.

Our report clearly shows that far too many people with sight loss are feeling shut out of everyday life. With the number of people with a vision impairment set to skyrocket in the coming years, we need to make changes.

We need to work together to understand the realities of life with sight loss and help overcome the challenges that lead to people feeling excluded. BBC shares guide dog owner's discrimination battle Accordion Today the BBC shared the story of guide dog owner Damon Rose's battle with discrimination through access refusals.

Damon writes how he was refused access to a private hire vehicle when the driver claimed he was allergic to dogs, even though he could not present an exemption certificate as the law requires. As Damon is unfortunately used to such access refusals, he was able to capture the incident on video. The article draws on research conducted by Guide Dogs as part of our Access all Areas campaign , where we strive to end the discrimination visually impaired people face on a regular basis when out with their assistance dogs.

Access refusals can have a devastating impact on assistance dog owners' confidence. In our Access all Areas Report , one guide dog owner commented: Each refusal is crushing, confidence shattering, rejecting, and traumatic. I always feel that I don't want to go out after - but work dictates I must. Charities collaborate to empower guide dog owners to tackle access refusals Accordion Guide Dogs has worked with RNIB Royal National Institute of Blind People to empower guide dog owners to tackle the rising reports of cafes, hotels and taxis refusing entry to their guide dogs.

The sight loss charities have released a new toolkit to provide support and advice to guide dog owners and anyone with sight loss across the UK, informing them of their legal rights and including practical information and guides to challenge access refusals. He said: If an individual is then stopped from accessing services with their dog, this is then limiting them from using their highly trained dog when it matters most. With the number of access refusals for guide dog owners increasing, it is vital that people are aware of the law and have the tools they need to tackle illegal practice themselves.

As well as a photography and viewing session, each customer will be allowed to select one photo from the shoot to enter into the awards. You can find out more information at National Portrait Awards. Please search for your local studio and read the competition rules and all the terms and conditions.

Please also note that prints to take home are not included in the photoshoot but can be purchased at an additional cost. Celebrate Christmas with Guide Dogs! The concert, in partnership with Peugeot, is hosted by Aled Jones and features a packed programme including performances by: Join other supporters, service users, volunteers, staff, guide dogs and special guests for this fantastic evening.

Get your tickets today and celebrate Christmas with us. For more information please contact the Events Team on or email us. The Christmas Concert is proudly sponsored by: Through MeetAHero, we want to show the world how our services empower people with sight loss, like Rainbow, to live their lives to the full. Born with no useable sight, Rainbow has been kicking a ball about since he could walk, and with our support he developed the confidence to pursue his football dreams.

Despite now living in Liverpool, when it comes to football he is Manchester United all the way. His room is described as a shrine to the Red Devils and his ultimate footballing hero is forward Marcus Rashford. Rainbow said: I look forward to seeing him play for the England Blind Football team in the future. We had to go straight out to buy the latest Manchester United kit for Rainbow to wear! Lyn added: When David met David: The star and the 10,th guide dog puppy - 30 August Accordion TV star David Walliams met his very special namesake this week as the charity Guide Dogs celebrated a landmark puppy.

David said: He must never see these pictures! The centre is open for public tours. There's something for every animal lover in the range - dogs, cats, bunnies and, of course, bears! There are stores throughout the UK where you can also purchase clothes and accessories for your furry friend. Amazon donates 0. AmazonSmile is the same Amazon you know. Same products, same prices, same service. Register to support Guide Dogs today and we will automatically start receiving 0.

His previous guide dog Cosby died in late Lord Blunkett spoke about the experience of learning routes around Sheffield and London with his new companion and the feeling of independence he has regained. He wrote: Until the final few days of his life, my wife Margaret and I had no idea he was ill.

When the vet told us the cancer was inoperable, I was completely unprepared in many ways. Sadie stayed at my side till she was 11, before going off to a well-earned rest with a loving foster family. But after Cosby died, I was left without a dog. It came as a shock to realise just how much I relied on my canine helpmate.

On closer inspection, it turned out to be a mobility scooter. My friend Frank Gardner, the renowned security editor at the BBC, has spoken of the frustration he felt on landing at Heathrow recently, when his wheelchair was not brought to the cabin door of his plane, but was taken into the terminal. For me, as with so many blind people, a guide dog removes much of that reliance on others. A working dog is not a pet but it still needs your care, attention, time and love.

Even on wet and miserable days, a dog needs to be taken for walks. Neither do I, come to that. But Barley could chase tennis balls all day and night. He brings them back, but not often in one piece — the temptation to chew them to shreds is too strong. My arms and shoulders are sore from it.

Because Cosby was more like a small pony than a dog, I could reach down to pat his back without stretching or letting go of his harness. He seems confident on escalators, and we are already getting used to using the London Underground together. This all has to be planned in advance. Apparently he befriended every bus driver in the town, as he practised using public transport. In that respect, he reminds me of a civil servant in a government department, who looks after a succession of Cabinet ministers and must transfer loyalty from one to the next.

The difference is that owners have to clear up after their dogs — whereas ministers sometimes make a mess for the civil servants to deal with. On every new route, they have to use their initiative.

A calm temperament is needed to cope with crowds and traffic, and of course obedience is essential — a dog should not turn a corner or step into the road, for instance, until the command is given. What might not be visible is how he reduces the stress of simply navigating everyday journeys for me. Wherever we go, a dog makes life so much easier than I knew, until I had to do without one. But he is restoring my dignity and independence to me, and that is a blessing beyond price.

Today, the charity is launching their Take the Lead campaign, calling for the public to put their dog on a lead when they see a guide dog working. Canine researchers from the charity say this simple action could be the key to preventing future attacks. View an audio described version of the video. Guide Dogs has campaigned on the issue of dog attacks in the past and back in tougher laws were introduced meaning if your dog attacked an assistance dog you could face up to a three-year jail sentence.

Guide Dogs Researcher, Rachel Moxon, says: Attacks on our dogs destroy confidence and can mean a guide dog owner once again loses their freedom and independence. Putting your dog on a lead when you see a guide dog working, allows you to have more control over the situation.

Each day a bit more of her sparkle returns but it all could have been avoided if the owner had put their dog on a lead that day. Opening-up towns and cities for people with sight loss - 1 March Accordion Today 1st March , Microsoft have launched Soundscape, an App that makes it easier for people with sight loss to explore our towns and cities.

The App is a result of a collaboration between Guide Dogs and Microsoft. In this unique project, people with sight loss were at the heart of the development of the technology, influencing its design and testing the product. The result is technology that makes it easier for people with sight loss to explore the world around them. By combining sounds that paint a picture of your surroundings with local information, it will enable people with sight loss to explore towns and cities and make choices about where they go and what they do.

Choosing where to go and what to do is an impossible dream. Soundscape will change this for many people. This close collaboration has resulted in an App that makes exploring towns and cities a more enjoyable experience for those with sight loss, enabling people to make spontaneous choices about where they go and what they do.

Families were able to relax, chat to staff and other families before making their way into the Winter Wonderland experience At the end of the snow trail was a fun, interactive Santa show which was enjoyed by all before visiting the animal village and meeting the Reindeer and other furry friends. At lunchtime, we met back in the Tirol Suite for a Christmas buffet lunch with a great opportunity for all families to mix and chat.

Dating apps tirol

To view the exhibitor list, please click here. Each refusal is crushing, confidence shattering, rejecting, and traumatic, Dating apps tirol. As Damon is unfortunately used to such access refusals, he was able to capture the incident on video. Admission to the event is free. This year, the charity is hoping to recruit a further 1, volunteers to support even more vision impaired people through the life-changing scheme. For more information about exhibiting, Please Dating apps tirol Here. Newcomers Festival Organizing Office. Rainbow said: