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Dating burnout

Dating burnout

Feature Image By: Anna With Love Burnout is a well-publicized problem in the business world: As a society, we mostly talk about burnout in the abstract as a societal trend, or in the case of Elon, a good excuse for cocktail chatter about the pervasiveness of Ambien. Allow me to introduce myself: This week, I returned to my job as an executive at a tech company after a full month unplugged from emails, phone calls, and meetings.

But once I committed to taking off, I took my mission seriously. I did a whole lot less work, and a whole lot more reading, family time, and fitness classes. During one of those classes, a yoga class, the instructor said something simple but profound: Savasana, also known as corpse pose, is often used to conclude yoga classes, and requires lying down and fully relaxing your entire body and mind.

But with a full month off of work, I had no excuse to sprint out the door early. So I completed the pose, in silence, with nothing to rush to, no emails to respond to, and nothing on my to-do list.

Savasana lowers your blood pressure, increases the quality of your sleep, and forces you to relax and be in touch with your body and your mind. What sounds like the easiest pose on earth lying down doing nothing feels impossible and exhausting. But like the very technology our industry has built and made so ubiquitous, humans need time to recharge too.

From Burning Man to Ambien to Ironmans, our habits to avert burnout are as intense as the work many of us do. Luxury and relaxation have unto themselves become supercharged. But if we are truly going to tackle the challenge of American burnout, each of us has to do less, not more.

And rather than escaping our lives and medicating our problems, we must face them, one deep breath at a time. This might mean actually getting up from your desk for lunch, taking a few deep breaths every hour, or scheduling time with your friends, family, or workout partner and making it as non-negotiable as your budget meetings.

By building restoration into our operating systems, we build more sustainable models that we are less likely to have to escape from and more likely to sustain over time. I hope you are lucky enough to have a job you love, and to do work you love daily. But I also hope you are courageous enough to recognize that you are not your job, and that your life extends far beyond your work day. It turns out, taking the time for a few deep breaths in the ultimate exercise in efficiency, because breathing, sleeping, and living better is good for your health.

I love the adrenaline that comes with the pace of my job, and I adore the problems I work on and the people I collaborate with daily.

Dating burnout

Trusting again after your trust has been breached keeps your heart fresh and alive and — ultimately — hopeful again, Dating burnout. Lean into your friendships. Pray, read your bible, seek life giving friendships, replenish your energy, eat right, work out, love deeply. My guess is you will resist because of pride. And since caregiving is often a long-term challenge, the stress it generates can be particularly damaging. The Merry Thought 3. Try choosing a block of time during your lunch break or after work, and using that time specifically to Dating burnout through potential matches. Swap out some of your existing decor for one-of-a-kind pieces that your friends will swoon over. This week, I returned to my job as an executive at a tech company after a full month unplugged from emails, Dating burnout, phone calls, and meetings.