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Dating chart for weight loss in hindi

Dating chart for weight loss in hindi

We all need accountability for ANY goals we want to achieve. Whether it be to lose weight, to not spend so much money, to quit smoking, to read 1 book a month, to not drink so much caffeine, the list could go on and on. And the really cool thing is, by helping others with their accountability, they can help us with our accountability. I know I do! For starters, the key is consistency.

Let me give you an example: You set a goal for yourself that you are going to get up and go to the gym every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 5am. If your alarm happened to not go off one morning…guess who is going to be calling you and giving you a hard time? And guess what else…you will make sure that alarm goes off the next time your supposed to workout and then you and your accountability partner are well on your way to achieving the goal you set for yourselves.

Not only is your Coach getting out of bed early to help YOU achieve YOUR goals, but your fellow Campers aka accountability partners are getting out of bed and counting on you to be there. You all workout together as a team, each pushing each other to your individual goals, and counting on each other to achieve them.

The importance of self-accountability Another factor that comes into play with accountability, is lack of SELF-accountability. Even though we all need each other to ultimately achieve our goals…we need to have self-accountability! When it comes to fitness goals, it takes A LOT of hard work, commitment and dedication to get to where you are going. And we have found that the 1 reason they quit is because there are no real consequences for their inaction, for their lack of self-accountability.

You and your accountability partner, or partners, need to set CLEAR goals for yourselves and reward yourselves accordingly. Treat your fitness goals with the same sense of urgency.

It may be hard and take time, but it will be well worth your efforts! Tweet Like what you read? Just enter your name and email below: Facebook Comments: Discover what breakfasts will only make you more hungry and what you should avoid. How wine with dinner can help you lose the battle over your metabolism.

Dating chart for weight loss in hindi

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