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Dating doppelganger of ex

Dating doppelganger of ex

They even got hitched in But after just 14 months, they called it quits. The two dated for quite some time, but split in August of , only to reconcile and give love one more try. When that relationship crumbled, Katy Perry seemed to be searching for another man who eerily resembled both Brand and Mayer. Hence, that's when Pirates of the Caribbean star Orlando Bloom came into the picture.

The duo began dating in January of , but split early We won't be surprised if her next fling looks a little bit familiar. The couple welcomed two children together, Apple and Moses. They seemed like they were one Hollywood couple going strong, but they shocked everyone when they announced that they had been struggling to keep their marriage going strong.

Since their divorce in , it appeared that Martin just couldn't get away from his ex and started dating English actress Annabelle Wallis, who looks a lot like Paltrow. With flowing blond hair and long legs, Martin definitely has a type. The two are still together, but the comparisons between Joe and Zayn are spot-on. From having the same hairdo to even rocking the same outfits, it's clear to see that Hadid has her type when it comes to who she's dating.

In an interview with Daily Mail, Joe seemed to be sick of the comparisons. He stated, "It's comical that I'm compared to him.

That dude and I have been compared for years, I think it's just funny. To be honest, I haven't really listened to his music, but he can sing well. The free-agent football player dated the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star back in but called it quits in because, apparently, Bush isn't a fan of the constant spotlight. After that fiasco, the former New Orleans Saint went on to date another Armenian woman, who can easily be compared to Kim. Her name is Lilit Avagyan and she has the same dark features, curvy shape, and even has same nationality as Kim K.

It's very easy to see that Reggie Bush has a type. The women could practically be sisters. Bush is still with Lilit, and they have two children together, named Briseis and Uriah. In an interview, Richards even called Sheen a "whack job" and "nuts. The actor and Mueller got married in and welcomed two children together, twins Bob and Max. The couple had their own troubles when Sheen was arrested for domestic violence, and Mueller ended up filing for divorce. Sheen shocked the world in November of when he announced that he was HIV-positive and mentioned that none of his past partners are affected.

The Hollywood couple split in , and it was described as the biggest celebrity split of the year. Since the split, Holmes has been keeping a low profile and spending time with her daughter, Suri Cruise. Cruise, on the other hand, was reportedly seeing his assistant, Emily Thomas, who eerily looks like Holmes. It also looks like the actor likes to date young women; Emily was only 22 years old when they were rumored to be dating in Both Katie and Emily have a laid-back look with long brown hair and appear to be Cruise's perfect type.

There's no word as to who Tom Cruise is dating now, but we're sure she'll have something in common with Katie and Emily. Despite separating, the two remain close friends. Davy admitted that the constant paparazzi and tabloid rumors really got a hold of her, especially for someone who did not grow up in the spotlight.

After calling it quits, Prince Harry began dating Cressida Bonas. They dated for two years before splitting in Both Chelsy and Cressida look somewhat alike. When she and Harry ended things, like Davy, she blamed the public for the breakup. According to reports, Bonas split from Prince Harry because she couldn't take the public scrutiny. Maybe Prince Harry should date a celebrity who knows how to handle the paparazzi and tabloids like a pro.

There are a bunch of females in Hollywood that we're sure would want to date a Prince. Sadly, the couple couldn't make it last and eventually got divorced in While Jennifer Lopez has dated a number of men in Hollywood, Anthony ended up settling down with Shannon de Lima, who shares quite a few similarities with Jenny from the Block.

There's no denying that both women are beautiful. Anthony even married the stunning model the same year his divorce was finalized with J-Lo.

However, the marriage didn't last long and the couple divorced in The two dated for three years and split in Heche and the host's current wife, Portia de Rossi , look extremely similar. It's easy to see that the comedian has good taste and a thing for blondes. The two were married for six years before divorcing in The former lovers also have two children together, Maya and Roan.

Thurman claimed that Hawke was being unfaithful even though he denied all of those rumors. Strange enough, he ended up marrying the former couple's nanny, Ryan Shawhughes, in and had two children with her.

He would go on to dismiss any rumors of infidelity and stated, " What made the new relationship so shocking was not only because Silverman and Hussainy shared similar features, but also that Silverman was still married. In , Andrew Silverman filed for a divorce from Lauren, citing adultery and naming Cowell as a corespondent.

At the time, news emerged that she was carrying Cowell's baby, and it was true. Cowell welcomed his first son, Eric, into the world. When questioned about the situations, Cowell stated, "There are a lot of things I will eventually clear up when the time is right, but I really have to be sensitive because there's a lot of people's feelings involved here.

Two of the women Clooney dated in particular where Sarah Larson, who he briefly dated from , and Elisabeth Canalis, an Italian actress who he dated from It's no denying that both of these women are stunning and are definitely each other's doppelganger. However, it appeared that Clooney was done dating someone for their hot looks and was ready to date a mature and very successful women.

Cue in Amal. They welcomed a son together named Bingham Hawn "Bing" Bellamy in , but later announced they were separating in Since the split, the former couple has gotten along pretty well, especially for the sake of their young son. As of February , Bellamy has been dating model Elle Evans, and the resemblance to Hudson is undeniable.

Both women are gorgeous, and it's easy to see that the rocker has a certain type. They married three years later and welcomed daughter Ireland into the world in However, things went really sour for the couple, and they separated in The former couple had a nasty feud when it came down to custody of their daughter, and he hit rock bottom when he left angry voicemails, calling Ireland a "thoughtless little pig. Singer and his ex-wife look like they could be sisters.

Baldwin seems to be doing a lot better today, maybe ditching blondes once and for all after getting remarried to yoga instructor and brunette Hilaria Thomas.

And plenty of these ladies have a lot in common, and it's not just their hot bodies. Leonardo DiCaprio is one lucky man, and it looks like he's also a very picky guy when it comes to dating women.

Dating doppelganger of ex

He was especially unhappy when Richards got a deal with E! Cowell was so taken with her that he proposed in The two were together for a short period in and then ended their relationship. Even though I was happily engaged to someone else, it still stung that I'd been replaced—by someone exactly like me. In the end, she bowed out. I realized that, while my ex may Dating doppelganger of ex initially patterned his next relationship Dating doppelganger of ex me, I had chosen someone completely different: Wolverine was supposed to be before X-Men, but was actually filmed 9 years later. But I now have the answer: Osman bears such a resemblance to Kim, in fact, that she even appeared in an episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, and viewers of the show, as well as Kim and her family were absolutely blown away by the uncanny resemblance. Then again, being around a gal that reminds him of his ex could easily trigger flashbacks for him to jacked-up situations that occurred between them, Dating doppelganger of ex.