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The original Dover hoverport in the Eastern Docks. The check-in area in when sailings to Oostende were still available. The SRN4 pylon and propeller on display here were installed when the front of the hoverport was spruced up in Early hovercraft operations out of Dover by Townsend to Calais ran from a base in the North East corner of the Camber in Dover Eastern Docks but these did not last long and Townsend themselves never followed up an option to purchase the car-carrying SRN4 craft being developed in the s.

The original Seaspeed Dover hoverport was opened in in the Eastern Docks, directly adjacent to the car ferry terminal, although part of the structure itself but not the associated hoverpad is visible in pictures dating from as much as three years earlier. The official opening was carried out by Princess Margaret on 31 July. This was a modern but relatively small building, and certainly not on a comparable scale to Hoverlloyd's Pegwell Bay hoverport just up the coast. Services using Seaspeed's twin craft The Princess Anne and The Princess Margaret were run initially to Boulogne Le Portel, before Calais was also offered on a trial basis in and then permanently after The growth of Eastern Docks car ferry traffic, combined with the stretching of Seaspeed's two SRN4s in and the introduction of the French N meant that a rather larger base was by then required and this was duly provided in the Western Docks, adjacent to the Prince of Wales pier and facing the original train ferry dock over the entrance to the inner docks.

The original Eastern Docks hoverport location was soon subsumed by the continuing expansion of that part of the port. A Hoverspeed plan of the Dover hoverport in its heyday. In later years, the amenities available were scaled back somewhat. An early view of the cafeteria in what Hoverspeed called the 'Reception Lounge', effectively the area before passengers passed through Customs and Passports to the departure area.

The terminal was officially opened by the Duke of Kent that September and, after the merger of Seaspeed with Hoverlloyd in late , Hoverspeed services were focussed on Dover at the expense of Ramsgate from September onwards.

Although an important consideration in the original planning and siting of the new hoverport was a direct rail link to match that provided at Boulogne, this never materialised - much to Hoverspeed's frustration.

Despite this, coach links to Dover Priory station were provided and through traffic from London to Paris proved relatively popular using the hovercraft as opposed to the direct ship-to-train link available from the Sealink ferries between Dover Western Docks and Calais Gare Maritime. A view of the second hoverport's location in the Western Docks demonstrating the huge land area most of it reclaimed that the new facility took up.

Another view of the new hoverport in its early years. The Vortigern is in the train ferry dock. The Dover hoverport witnessed the demise of the ex-Hoverlloyd SRN4 The Prince of Wales in April when it caught fire and was burnt out, later being ignominiously demolished that June on the pad by a digger. The three unstretched ex-Hoverlloyd craft had earlier been withdrawn from service in the fourth, the Sure had been scrapped in and thus there was no significant operational impact from this loss.

Of the remaining pair, the Swift was donated to the Hovercraft museum near Gosport in before being unexpectedly broken up there in The Sir Christopher continued to languish at Dover before being cut up on the pad in Services continued with the stretched ex-Seaspeed craft, after a brief period in when it appeared that they too would be permanently withdrawn in favour of the SeaCats first introduced at Dover in June In the event, the hoverport did receive a dedicated SeaCat linkspan in previously the company had split operations with SeaCats running out of the Eastern Docks.

The Calais run continued however, usually in the hands of the two operational hovercraft, whilst a service to Oostende commenced in with the former Holyman Sally 81m SeaCats Rapide and Diamant.

This was discontinued in The hovercraft remained in operation until finally being retired on 1 October From that date onwards, Hoverspeed ran an ever-changing array of fast craft from parent company Sea Containers' fast ferry stable, including the monohull SuperSeaCats, one year with three of the smaller 74m SeaCats before finally settling for the final season on the Rapide and Diamant.

Rising fuel costs, the loss of duty free, a declining market and fierce competition finally put paid to Hoverspeed who announced after much speculation that they would cease operations entirely on 7 November Since that date the hoverport in Dover has lain closed and unused. The front facade of the Dover Hoverport in June Although the official announcement of closure was still several months away, the end already seemed near.

Comparative views from the entrance to the Hoverport showing above the view in when sailings to both Calais and Oostende were still offered and below after closure, the scene in December Looking past the closed check-in booths in December Two views of the front of the empty hoverport in December The car hire, photo booth and Bureau de Change counters as they were in the 'Reception Lounge' in the early s.

Two views of the Check-in and Waiting areas on the landward side of the hoverport in - the ticket sales desk is now situated in the location previously occupied by the Photo Booth and Bureau de Change seen above. The Duty Free shop in the Departure lounge as it was in the early s. The same shop on the right in Two more views of the Departure Lounge in Sign of the times - Dover Hoverport, December A final view of the Dover hoverport, taken in June

dating dover

Yet despite all these dire warnings, voters here in Dover and Deal opted to leave the EU. Seen with Estuary Elan Friday, 29 March - The picture is a bit forced. The Dating dover pylon and propeller on display here were installed when the front of the hoverport was spruced up in The pictures below show Toploader yesterday removing the Exclusion Zone marker buoys. Friday, 29 March - No sooner had she left when in to Port came the similarly named Atlantic Reefer An end to having to adopt new EU laws on tax, dating dover, the environment, dating dover, labour, state aid and business. Another shot below of the lifting fog