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Dating is gamble of feelings

Dating is gamble of feelings

I came up and started talking, then I asked her to get up on stage and dance, so we started dancing. Although she is well known for being married to Robert Kardashian and Bruce Jenner now Caitlyn, , Kris had an affair with year-old soccer player Todd Waterman when she was years-old. Seeing as Kris had been involved with younger men before, many believed she should have had her guard up with Corey. As a young guy, it was expected that Corey would want things like marriage and children in the future, something that Kris had already been through multiple times.

Family Bodyguard Although Corey was regularly seen out with Kris and the Kardashian clan, rumors started to arise that he was more of a bodyguard than a boyfriend to Kris. Information about their agreement started to be leaked to the press. Kris allegedly encouraged the relationship with Kanye and believed that Corey would be a good influence on the rapper.

Kourtney, in particular, developed a close bond with Corey due to them being of a similar age. I never had this dynamic. You all got a great thing. They are always together. That looked like a family photo! That was so inappropriate. I was like uncomfortable.

Headed For Disaster? I love you and I feel that way about you. Corey started hanging out in high profile celebrity crowds with Kris and they were seen vacationing with Tommy Hilfiger, aboard his yacht in Greece.

In addition, Kris brought Corey along as her plus one to many high fashion events, mingling with the likes of Olivier Rousteing and Carine Roitfeld. However, Corey looked more like a tag along than in the group, was Kris beginning to get bored of him? Jenner was used to being stressed out and pulled in many different directions, but it was something that Corey did not seem to understand.

Perhaps Corey thought that dating Kris would be relaxed and calm. Boyfriend Balance Despite Corey wanting Kris to slow down her hectic lifestyle, it was obvious that Gamble was a positive influence on Kris and the stress levels in her life. Corey made sure to do sweet and caring things for Jenner, and when she was struggling with many different projects, Gamble organized a spa day for the year-old. It seemed as though keeping Corey around was beneficial for the matriarch and he was the person who was looking after Kris.

Conflicting Interests Although relaxing and vacationing was something that both Kris and Corey enjoyed, there were many other things that strongly emphasized their year-age gap. Corey looked less than interested on their regular outings and when Gamble took it upon himself to tell Kris that he wanted to take her rollerskating, Kris declined and gave the excuse that she had knee surgery. Was Corey going to resent following Kris around? Strike Three In , Kris was asked once again if her feelings on marriage had changed, now that she had been with Gamble for three years.

You never know. Kris was only ever seen out at clubs if it was an official appearance or event. My kids come first over anybody ever for the rest of time, so I want one big cuddly happy family. Anything else is never going to work for me. Taking A Step Back Tensions were rising between Corey and the Kardashians and he found himself in an awkward position, with his girlfriend taking the side of her children. Corey was present when Khloe and boyfriend Tristan Thompson announced their baby new to the family, but Corey stayed in the background and could barely bring himself to embrace and congratulate the newly expecting parents.

It took weeks before Khloe and Corey managed to quash their issues, but it seemed that Corey only did it upon request from Kris. Your mom has got a lot of energy. I feel like being with your mom is better than being with any chick my age or younger.

I think we do more than you younger girls do. Controlling Kris In March , it had been weeks since Kris and Corey had been seen together, encouraging rumors that they had split. There were also reports that Corey was at dinner with friends and spent the entire night texting Kris, and not being present with the others. Khloe decided to confront Corey about his intentions for Kris and his motives for dating a much older, powerful woman.

Back Together A couple of weeks after the split rumors, Kris and Corey put on a united front and were spotted out together, attending the birthday party of Tristan Thompson. The couple looked to be happy and in high spirits on their night together.

For the time being, Kris and Corey seem comfortable with one another and enjoy their time together, but only time will tell if Corey is able to keep up with Kris and the Kardashians forever.

Dating is gamble of feelings

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