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Dating now vs then

Dating now vs then

Leaving out the obvious Internet factor, relationship seekers seem to have much less patience now than they did back then. Dating in the 70s! Yes, there were blind dates, but it began as a connection made through someone you knew. You might have a couple of dates in a week, and they were with different women. This notion that you had to date one person exclusively from first date to break-up was nearly unheard of. There were no text messages or emails to hide behind. There was no Facebook to use as your personal tirade banner when someone was not living up to your expectations.

Someone ends up hacked off, usually for no good reason. When you are speaking on the phone or in person, the tone is there. A couple of cute emoticons cannot make up for that.

Now-a-days, we have high expectations for a date. We are no longer complacent to just enjoy the company of the person we are with.

Today, we get too emotionally involved too soon. What I am saying, though, is that having a relationship, especially at first, that includes texting and emailing, can be a dangerous prospect. Rather than putting your happiness or sadness up on Facebook or Tweeting about it, maybe you should give your guy a phone call and meet him for coffee somewhere. In person. Without technology. I will tell men the same. Call the girl you fancy. Pick her up in an actual car. Knock on the door. Maybe bring her flowers!

Dating now vs then

We have dating apps like Tinder that allow us to automatically decide whether you want to swipe left not your type or right totally your type. He takes her home after curfew, and they say goodbye in the car you know, the awkward car hug over the gear shift, Dating now vs then. Without technology. Nowadays it has sadly become a new type of status to put on a relationship. The Internet has changed dating forever. It's Dating now vs then rare that I hear someone actually refer to their date as a date. Some common ways people dodge the d-word now are: However, the recognition of those things has been exchanged for usage of emojis and response time. It is completely normal to break up via text message.